The nexus that is Trumpey’s creative work is based on his diverse experience as a science illustrator, sustainable designer, farmer, consultant, leader and educator. He holds degrees in Art, Biology and Illustration, operates a freelance illustration business, designed and built his own off-grid strawbale home, lives and works on a 40 acre farm, directs Michigan […]


With more than twenty years experience as a professor, Trumpey has taught a wide array of courses in illustration, drawing, environment, sustainability and design. He excels in experiential, field-based education and is the recipient of the University’s prestigious Undergraduate Teaching Award. Trumpey is an Associate Professor of Art at the Stamps School of Art & […]


Trumpey is a passionate and accomplished speaker on the topics of sustainability, education, alternative construction and food. He currently advocates for what he has termed the Vernacular Creative Movement. He has taught many large lecture courses and lectured in a variety of venues including conferences, libraries, alumni meetings, clubs, panel discussions, and TEDx. I find […]